Kollagen Intensiv Review

Natural Collagen Replacement Therapy To Make your skin look younger

What Kollagen Intensiv Can Do For You

Kollagen Intensiv gets rid of wrinkles by stimulating production of collagen. That’s where SynColl, a patented peptide in the formula, takes over and goes to work by stimulating human fibroblasts of collagen – the building block protein of skin – naturally, without injections.

About Kollagen Intensiv

Is Kollagen Intensiv The Best?

The only way you’ll know a good anti-wrinkle cream is if it gets rid of wrinkles without inflammation, and helps you look younger, with skin that’s both thick and resilient. Folks buy Kollagen Intensiv because that’s generally what they report. It's certainly not cheap, but good skin care treatments rarely are. Interestingly we have many repeat customers so that says a great deal about its effectiveness.

Who Is Kollagen Intensiv For?

The average client is 60+, a woman and who wants fewer wrinkles, fine lines and the expertise of a skincare brand linked to better results – like the 354% reduced appearance of wrinkles linked to SynColl one of the ingredients in the product. Kollagen Intensiv is formulated with 2% SynColl. That’s right in the middle of the recommended 1-3% SynColl to see best results. AND Kollagen Intensiv Has No Parabens

What's In Kollagen Intensiv?

It’s the SynColl and Retinol in Kollagen Intensiv that gets all the accolades. In an 84 day clinical study of women who applied the peptide to their skin twice daily, participants saw an average 119% increase in youth-friendly collagen. That made all the difference for them, with a 201% improvement to skin texture and that oft-quoted 354% reduction in wrinkles to take years off the appearance.

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Should I Buy Kollagen Intensiv?

That depends on your situation. Those on a budget tend to buy what’s available at their local drugstore.

There’s nothing wrong with that, provided they know what they’re getting: a mass-produced product with plenty of synthetic ingredients. They should hydrate the skin and work moderately well, though there’s rarely any magic in the formula.

Then again, you get what you pay for. With Kollagen Intensiv, you pay for exclusivity; a specialty anti-aging cream linked to a 354% reduction in wrinkles because of a Swiss-derived anti-aging formula with SynColl, retinol and vitamin C, among others.

One without parabens, and with a 90 day money-back guarantee to see if it indeed lives up to its claims of taking a decade off physical appearance.

The choice is yours, but there’s a clear answer for clients with the means: Kollagen Intensiv delivers superior results. It’s worth spending a little more to enjoy the better cosmetic results that clients describe when they use the product.

A 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

A Scientific Breakthrough Makes It Possible To Repair Signs Of Facial Aging And Enjoy More Beautiful, Youthful-Looking Skin In Just 84 Days...

Ever tried to return an antiwrinkle cream to the drugstore after using it?

You’d be lucky to escape the store without strange looks from the cashier, and luckier still to find a drugstore-purchased anti-aging cream that would guarantee the product beyond 30 days.

Put out the money and you expect more from the product. That extends to the guarantee as well – clients buy Kollagen Intensiv because it takes years of their appearance, and they can return it for 90 days in the event it does not.

Once you begin using Kollagen Intensiv®, you’ll discover that you no longer need a bathroom cabinet full of expensive creams for daytime, nighttime, eyes, neck, and more.

Because Kollagen Intensiv® has been scientifically formulated to take care of all your skin’s anti-aging and moisturization needs, excellent for:

Just apply it two times daily after cleansing in the morning and before bed. And that’s it, you’re done.

This advanced anti-aging wrinkle cream goes directly to work on your skin. For noticeable results in just 14 days of use, with best results after 84 days of application!

  • 24 hour daytime/evening moisturization
  • Anti-aging / wrinkle reduction
  • Skin tone evening
  • Reducing eye-bagging & puffiness
  • Increased collagen production
  • Firmer, more elastic looking skin
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